Ravy's Moderator Academy

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On this site you will find resources built by me (Ravy) for moderation around Discord.

The resources here are certainly opinionated and represent my views on how a community should function and be moderated. In no way are they perfect, complete, objectively good, or anything close to that. Yet, it’d bring me great joy if these resources contribute to better discussion culture, or save moderators of communities some work. One of the intents behind this is to replace anti-patterns like “use common sense”. Instead, this page has concise and general guidelines.


This piece of work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) by Ravy ([email protected]).
You can find more about the license here.

While it might seem trivial to copy parts of this and just use them for your ruleset without credit, a lot of work went into this and I would appreciate you playing fair.
If you’re not sure on how to properly credit me, or which usage rights and conditions this license grants, feel free to reach out at [email protected]

Why did you choose such a strict license?

I find it easiest to start with something strict and go more open if I feel confident people are happily using it. If you’re someone that really e.g. wants to do a modification, feel free to reach out to me at the above email and we can talk about an exclusive license grant.

Exception for contributors

The only exception to the above license is making direct contributions to this work. By this, I mean you reproducing and modifying the document in an attempt to improve it in a meaningful way (e.g. by forking it on GitHub and then opening a Pull Request). Doing so results in an exception from the NoDerivatives clause in the license, allowing you to make modifications for the sole purpose of improving this work. Please still contact me beforehand to make sure there aren’t any issues.


Of course, none of this came out of thin air.
Contents are derived from rulesets I’ve written in the past, from rulesets others have written in the past, from what I had in my hand while writing it, or what was on my mind before writing it. I’ve written Terms of Service and rulesets in the past and wanted to make this somewhat of a bigger and general successor to those rulesets, based on my previous work experience in the field.
Special mention deserve the IETF’s RFC2119, Discord Gophers’ and the RiceTeaCatPanda CTF’s respective Codes of Conduct, and the RfA and Arbitration Committee on Wikipedia.